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Map 4.0 Notes

Dorkenhimer a posted Sat at 0:00
To ensure that everybody knows exactly what we intend to do with the map, here's a list. Adding more stuff as I remember it.

1.) 6 Nations, 3 Alliances
The Northern alliance contains both England and the Netherlands. Boats, guns, booze, and silver will be the specialties of these two.

The Eastern alliance contains Russia and the Native Tribes. Lapis, quartz, brutes, and endurance will be the focus of this group.

The Western alliance contains France and Spain. Generals, Skirmishers, and gold will be what this group will be best at.

These alliances should ensure that there will always be conflict and a struggle for land, allowing our weapons and cannons to actually be used. 
New nations can be formed if either a civil war is won or the mother nation peacefully agrees to lose towns.

2.) Building tree. For real this time.
Buildings will allow towns to gain perks and classes. To ensure that luxury towns and trade remain useful, class changes will have a cost.
Washwind France and Spain, wow such Religion, many wine, so hairy
Emprease a Remember- If anything deep happens an alliance can be broken. but no backstabbing just because you want your allies swag ...
jjfever Hooray now we just have to wait for 1.8 -_-

We've expanded!

Dorkenhimer a posted Mar 29, 14
We're sorta a network now (if you count two servers as a network...)!

We've got a twitter and a youtube, along with a GMod TTT Server.

Twitter: @TheShardNetwork


bsamsr18 a 2nd follower and subscriber, can has cookie?
jjfever 1st Follower and Subscriber what do I get

It's finally here!

xlr20ice a posted Mar 10, 14
ColonialCraft:Europa is finally live! Come on to the server and play on the exclusive Europe map, where you and your nation attempt to rebuild and reclaim your kingdoms before it's too late and the entire continent's gone awry! Please keep in mind, this is a beta, meaning that the things you do here are subject to change later. But do not fear, this process only makes the trasition time between 1.7 and 1.8 even shorter as we have already configured some plugins to our liking. 
Go forth, and brave the...well, not so new frontier!

IMPORTANT: To filter out some trolls, we have decided to change the member application so that we can find out more about a person's ability to play. Unfortunately this means that everyone will now have to go through the application process again, however it shouldn't take more than 5 minutes. Please start submitting applications now while we fix a small issue.

~The ColonialCraft Team
themadtrombonist ...what roshi said
roshi1000 than why is it still white-listed...
Washwind Hurrah! but be warned, Europe is much more a violent and chaotic land

Join the Steam Group!

bsamsr18 a posted Mar 1, 14
For those who are unaware, we have a Steam group. In the past we have barely used it we are now making efforts to use it more to further expand the community, and so that you guys can link up with each whilst playing other games.

Please join the Steam group in order to be up to date with any important information. To join it just search for "ColonialCraft" and then join up. We plan to use the announcements feature on the Steam group to broadcast when we release things or when something important is happening on the server.

Welcome all!

bsamsr18 a posted Jan 21, 14
Myself and the staff of ColonialCraft would like to welcome you to our server, have fun and any feedback on how we can improve this experience is appreciated. Before you hop in-game, please familiarise yourself with the rules and some of the game mechanics so you have a better understanding of how this server works.

We're currently working on a wiki right now, but here are a few pages that are necessary to get your started.

The Rules:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Getting Started

Towns and Nations
Announcement of