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Hello everyone, I am proud to announce the newest and greatest feature of our server, Gold Membership! We have introduced Gold Membership as a way to pay for the rising costs of our server.

For only $2.99 a month you will gain access to special features not available to normal players!

Colonial Craft Gold Membership ensures you get the greatest experience when playing on our server. Gold Members have access to special features that normal players don't have such as; cannons, guns, kit bread (5 bread every 12 hours), and kit horse (2 horse eggs every 12 hours.)

Subscribe to our Montly Membership

Of course, April Fools!-Thanks to those who played along, and yes, we'll be adding AKs and other great features like M1 Garands in the starter kits.

In all seriousness though the lack of funding on the server is a problem. The dev team loves hosting and maintaining the server however most months we have to pay for the server out of our own pockets. Keeping this place up and running isn't the cheapest thing so I would like to reach out to everyone playing on the server and ask you, if you can and would be willing, to donate to Colonial Craft. All donations go to the server with extra funds going towards next months expenses. 

Donation Perks-

We realize that our donation perks aren't the greatest items in the world, however, if you truly care about this place and enjoy playing we hope that you will donate.

Now we do plan on reworking the reward system for donating in some form in the near future. All items will be purely cosmetic as to comply with the now enforced EULA. Those who donate before these changes are implemented will get them post-implementation as well.

One Last Note-Please do not make this a one time donation spree as we've had in the past. Having even $10 worth of donations each month really helps us out.

I would also like to thank Onir and Irishgirlyme for adding days to our forums. Once the donation system has been reworked both of you will receive donator ranks at the equivalent to how much was payed.

Thanks! ~Major_LAnc and the Colonial Craft Dev Team

Edit by Ham: to donate towards the actual server, the module on the left hand side of the website goes to the website only I'm afraid. I'm planning to rework the website a little when I get back to make this less confusing.

bsamsr18 a Vosk is obsessed with mosin, that is why.
NstyNte Why would you add a bolt action that isn't much more accurate then the full auto? At least go with a 7.62 nato if you mu ...
bsamsr18 a AK is already in config vosk, it's the mosin that needs adding.

It's time for Europa!

Major_LAnc a posted Mar 23, 15

Pre Colonial Craft, Welcome Back Europa! Due to the recent technical problems we had with our server we have decided to switch to a new map on a new server host. We also have two new admins, Premier Vosktov and zencer45!

As for gameplay we will use the rules from the previous map however we will be enforcing RP more than we have in the past.

As for our new map we have a complete fresh start and a nice break from the North American continent. The map, made by Emprease, is truly fantastic and will add to the server experience.

It is important that you download the server texture pack and read into the game mechanics such as custom crafting recipes and the like. Be sure to read the rules and report any bugs on the server.

Our new IP is

Have fun!

Server is back up

Major_LAnc a posted Feb 18, 15

[Removed - Server is back online]

I'd like to take this oppurtunity to announce weekly updates. Weekly updates will include features that have been added/removed/changed. This will help keep everyone up to date on what is going on with our plugins. The first update post will happen either Friday or Saturday this week.

It is with sorrow that I say good bye to Nosnevetsekim. Nos is giving up his admin position to run his own server, however, he will stick around as a mod to help accept new players and play every now and then. Thank you for helping with the website and managing the server Nos, and good luck with your server!

Update To Rules

Nosnevetsekim posted Jan 27, 15

Hello everyone!


It's come to my attention that some of you were unclear about certain rules that we employ on the server. This is understandable, considering they haven't been updated to match our current play-style.


All the rules have been updated, and punishments for each rule are being created and smoothed.

You can view the new rules here.


If anyone has further questions or ideas regarding the rules, please message me directly or leave a comment in the forums.



Now open on 1.8!

Major_LAnc a posted Jan 2, 15

It’s finally time folks, we’re officially open and running 1.8!

Now first off I’d like to thank the New Colonial Craft Dev Team for helping roshi1000 and me get the server in working condition. It’s been rough but we’re finally here for release. Our new dev team consists of me, roshi1000, and Nosnevetsekim as admins of the server. We also have Sssssssddddds (Gadda),  Zencer45, and Emprease as our moderators.

As for our new map there are many additions and edits to look forward to, most notably new mountains. In addition to the new version of our map, gameplay and many individual features have changed. These will be explained in-game with books and a more in-depth discussion on the forums. I expect everyone to read the books provided for you before partaking in the server.

Now our new features are less important, however, if you don’t read the guides on them you’ll be missing out on some awesome stuff that’s been added, so it’d be a good idea to look over the features guide as well.

It is incredibly important that you download our new Texture Pack as well. Don’t worry, there’s no metadata so all you have to do is download the folder and drop it in your Minecraft Resource Folder and you’re good to go.

Report any Bugs on the server by messaging me here on enjin. (If you find an actual bug/glitch you’ll get a cash reward in game.)

Please give feedback about our server in the feedback section of the forums here.

Finally be sure to post your builds and accomplishments on our official Subreddit and any role-play stuff in our Journal Entries Forums and Political Document Forums.


 I hope to see you all active on the server in the future! Happy New Years Everyone!

SuperArashi90 Congratulations to everyone who helped make this happen!
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