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Hello everyone!

First, our first BOTM contest voting is now up, please vote here!

Now for some news on the server.

With 1.10 being released and a version for Spigot up as well, we plan to update to 1.10 as soon as we can. We just have to make sure all of our plugins work before we update. This update should hopefully fix some plugins like brewery as well. This week won't be as busy for most of staff so we hope to get this done this week.

A long requested map of the server will also be up soon, as I type this out the files are being uploaded and once they're ready a map like this will be available.

To keep activity on the server up we'll also be implementing some new events and changes to the server. First the amount of chunks that a town can claim will be doubled. This is so towns can keep things interesting by building new structures.

Second we'll be having barbarian raids on towns. Lord Athos has wanted to do this for a while and he'll make a post on how to participate in these events once everything is ready.

Thanks everyone! If you have any suggestions for the server please post them here. We'd love to hear some more feedback from the community.

We're Back!

Major_LAnc a posted Jun 15, 16

After taking much longer than expected, (as always), Colonial Craft is back up and faster than ever!

Please note we have a new IP:

When anyone joins for the first time since this host switch the server will broadcast that a new player has joined. This is simply because of our new IP, all previous data should be saved, if anyone has any problems contact us immediately via or here on the website.

Thanks for your patience!

Server Down

Major_LAnc a posted Jun 14, 16

In a freak accident today the server went down. We're still not sure as to why or how but as long as the server is down we will be taking this time to move the server to it's new host. 

We expect to be back up later today if all goes well.

Hello all!

Colonial Craft will be switching hosts to a faster, better, and much more affordable service very soon. LiamCarlson and Peyton told me about FadeHost which will literally provide 3 times as much ram for half the the amount we pay currently, many thanks you two.

Due to the switch we will have some server downtime sometime this week. Most likely Tuesday night and then we'll be back up Wednesday morning, if all goes to plan. 

A huge thank you to our donators as well, our first donations couldn't have come at a better time with the new service.

Other Notices:

We will be installing an overviewer map as soon as we can.

A West Spawn has been added which sells decorative player heads.

North America mobs have been added, Happy Hunting!

_Peyton Yay! I got a shout out!
bsamsr18 a We've never actually had an overviewer map, we've had dynmap plenty of times but overviewer is different. It g...
RomanWar17 Qivr what's wrong with an overview map? I believe it is not going to show any of the settlements on it.

We're Up!

Major_LAnc a posted Jun 4, 16


Please be sure to use Minecraft 1.9, not 1.9.4.

Texture Pack

Welcome to Colonial Craft!

DeepFryday How do i edit app?