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End of an Era

bsamsr18 a posted Oct 6, 14
Basically xlr and I are stepping down as the main admins, for further details check this thread:

As promised, he will be awarded $750 of in-game currency as a thank you for consistently voting throughout the month of September.

We are going to be changing how voting rewards work starting this month as a test to see how it goes. Whilst the daily rewards will be untouched, the "larger" incentive is going to be changed; every vote that you make per month will be the equivalent to one "entry" into the raffle, the more you vote, the more entries that you'll have and as such a higher chance to receive the larger cash prize.

With this new system we will no longer penalise you for missing a day, however will still reward players who regularly vote.

(Will edit for clarity later)
cumpu hacks?
zencer45 Vote2VoteHarder
For those of you who don't already know, the longest wait for a Minecraft update is now over, 1.8 has been released with a whole series of new features. Unfortunately we will NOT be upgrading straight away to 1.8, as we will be waiting for most if not all of the fundamental plugins that we need to be updated.

We're sorry for those of you who were looking forward to the optimisations that 1.8 brings, however we'll upgrade as soon as the plugins are stable enough to do so.
roshi1000 Keep calm, and blame Bork.
ian_moone boo, anti-progressionist! :[
As another incentive to vote daily, we promised that the top voter of each month would receive an extra $750 in game. For August this person was Major_LAnc of Rochford, he has our thanks for supporting the server!

Remember that the votes reset every month on the websites so we have to work together to keep ourselves relatively high on the list so that we can grow as a community.

Whats coming up

bsamsr18 a posted Aug 11, 14
Currently we've taken Map 4.0 down in place of a vanilla(ish) survival map it was basically a ghost town due to the announcement of the reset. Right now we're almost done with the next update including the polished new map.

Expect the update to be coming soon, and as usual we aren't going to give a release date until we're certain that we can bring it out.
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