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Major_LAnc a posted May 22, 16

Hello Folks!

The release for Colonial Craft on 1.9 has taken much longer than originally anticipated. Again, this is because of waiting on the updating of plugins for 1.9 Minecraft.

This wait hasn't been a bad deal all around though. With the extra time the Colonial Craft staff have added in some great additional features. Happy Hunting!

Now, after waiting a over an extra month I'm happy to say we're only waiting on one plugin to be updated. After contacting the author of the plugin I can now confidently say we'll be releasing within 14 days. Thank you to everyone for being patient, a release date will be announced soon.

A Bit of a Delay

Major_LAnc a posted Apr 4, 16

Hello folks!

There have been a few questions and rumors regarding the re-release of Colonial Craft. Unfortunately we will not be open to the public for a bit of time yet.

Our original plan was to release sometime in late March, however we’ve recently found that some major plugins still need to be updated to 1.9 Minecraft in order for the server to function properly. We apologize for the delay, however, there is nothing we can do now except wait for these plugins to be updated or wait for new similar plugins.

Rest assured that these plugins shouldn’t take too much longer to update, and we will be ready to release as soon as they are updated. Once all plugins are updated we will announce a release date at least a few days before release.


Thanks from the Colonial Dev Team!

Feel free to message us at

ColonialCraft Returns

Calia_ a posted Feb 28, 16

As some of you know, a small group of the colonialcraft community has decided to redo colonialcraft. This group includes Lord_Athos, Calia_, Sold200, Major_LAnc, and njbvic24. This project has been under construction for a couple of months now. We have decided to release ColonialCraft 8.0 after 1.9 and plugins are updated. Since we do know if the plugins will need adjusting, we suspect that it may take a couple more weeks before the grand reopening.

Edit: Since we are starting off new, anyone who had previously been banned before will be given a second chance but will be under supervision.

If you have anymore questions or concerns, please feel free to message Calia_  on the website or come on teamspeak.

Pacman629 What is the server address?
Pacman629 This looks really fun, can't wait for release.
lovejoy812 this seems like a neat server, is there a date of when it will be up or is there any way i can help?