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Site Maintenance

Premier_Vosktov a posted Aug 12, 15

The Site may be down or otherwise unusable for the next few days, as bsamsr and I are updating it to better suit the future of the community. You are encouraged to leave feedback in the respective locations and as always, I am readily available on TS and Steam for any questions, comments, or suggestions.


So, I am apparently going to a water/amusement park. I had no idea that I would be gone for beyond one day, but I will not be available tomorrow(Friday) through the weekend. Work should getting done without me and I suspect it will be as Xlr, Wash and Etow are all beyond capable. Do not try to contact me. It can wait until Monday. I have been OH SO WONDERFULLY stressed and as much as I hate leaving the safety of my computer desk I do need this. Have fun, Alpha should be coming in the next couple weeks as we finish up the guns.

eggshell101 I'm on vacation too, that's why I'm gone. Ill be back sometime soon .
Premier_Vosktov a Premier_Blogtov. I do have a blog and a twitter which I post stuff on. Will do an announcement with that stuff Monday.
Emprease I love how these posts are pretty much a blog of vosks life. Lets call it the Voskblog

Teaser Pics.

V3 Subreddit.

Project Compass.

Expect the playable Alpha within a week or two. Plugin explanation videos will be public within a week.

As a few of you know, I have been suprisingly social and going outside, hanging out with friends and such. Well, this unsuprisingly has taken a huge toll on my energy in general on top of seemingly all of my friends going through problems of their own AND my own personal conflicts. But wait, there is more! I am also working on two G-Mod servers, with graphic design and generally assisting them, adding more stress onto a 5 course meal of mental and social exhaustion. I simply can't be in the public eye right now and am going to be gone for a few days. I will not be on Teamspeak, likely not on Steam and will most likely not check the forums. I will still be working on V3, but I will not be able to be reached by normal means and do not particularly wished to reached. If you need to tell me message Sold200, here on the forums or talk to him on TS and he will forward it to me immediately or set it aside for when I come back. If something drastic and I mean, drastic and immediate happens, you can likely message Xlr or Wash and they can contact me. 

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