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As a few of you know, I have been suprisingly social and going outside, hanging out with friends and such. Well, this unsuprisingly has taken a huge toll on my energy in general on top of seemingly all of my friends going through problems of their own AND my own personal conflicts. But wait, there is more! I am also working on two G-Mod servers, with graphic design and generally assisting them, adding more stress onto a 5 course meal of mental and social exhaustion. I simply can't be in the public eye right now and am going to be gone for a few days. I will not be on Teamspeak, likely not on Steam and will most likely not check the forums. I will still be working on V3, but I will not be able to be reached by normal means and do not particularly wished to reached. If you need to tell me message Sold200, here on the forums or talk to him on TS and he will forward it to me immediately or set it aside for when I come back. If something drastic and I mean, drastic and immediate happens, you can likely message Xlr or Wash and they can contact me. 

Staff Applications are now being accepted. To apply, simply message me with what your goals are, previous experience, why you should be staff, why you want to be staff and declaring you understand that you are working on Project V3, will get work done and are not any more or less important than your fellow staff members. Any previous disciplinary actions do disqualify you from applying should you not have recieved a pardon, as well as any previous declarations that you have left the staff team.  A forum post on the new staff system should be up tonight.


Emprease Can I be a janitor
bsamsr18 a Why would previous declarations of leaving the staff team disqualify someone from rejoining it?

Good-Bye Lanc!

Premier_Vosktov ao posted Jun 13, 15

Lanc has decided he is leaving us. He is pursuing other projects and stepping down as Head Admin, leaving me, Premier_Vosktov in charge as Zencer has stated he does not wish to run the server. Zencer is remaining admin and we will replace Lanc in time to maintain the 3 admin system. Keep tuned for that. Under Lanc we have seen some changes, both good and bad, but all in all, we have grown and matured as a community. The current map will remain up for some time, but as Lanc is leaving, so is his funding. We will have sufficient time to archive the map and plugins so do not worry. The next few months are going to be interesting and a larger V3 announcement will follow within the week.

Sold200 Sold 4 Admin 2016 I wont sell you out!

Pvp Event!

Lord_Athos posted Jun 5, 15


5 ET (eastern time)

10 UTC (London)

 -Friday the 12th of june (next week)

So be sure to arrive a bit earlier to avoid coming in late.

If majority of players cannot make this time it can be changed. But not because only 1 individual cannot make it.

The event will be managed by Roshi (Lord_Athos).or Sam (unless he still has nightmares of the previous pvp Event).

If you are being rude, disrespectfull or generally not listening, you will be removed from the pvp event. And if you keep spamming chat begging to the re-entered you will simply be muted.

The event is not mandatory, so if you do not wish to take part, do not take part.

This event will not effect RP, but when fighting do take an rp aprouch to it.

If you wish to participate make sure you have no items on you as you will lose them. You will teleported to the waiting room untill everyone is there.Once everyone who wants to participate is there 2 captains will be chosen. These 2 will choose their team in an orderly fashiom (Pick 1-by-1 in turns). Once you have joined the team you will be teleported to your teams spwan point. Under no circumstances are you allowed to leave your team spawn untill the event has started. if you do decide to be a moron and try to run out before it has started you will receive a 5-10min penalty.

The event will last a total of 1 hour.

There will be 2 battles, each 25 minutes long with a 10 minute break inbetween. Once the first battle is over, you will receive a 10 minute break. This break is for you to do as you wish. Go toilet, talk about tactics or talk about strategies, its up to you. However, in this 10 minute break you are not permited to leave your spawn. Once the break is over, Spawns will be switched and your spawn becomes what preivously was your enemies spawn.

Be sure to set your spawn in one of the nearby beds before you leave the spawn. Forgetting to set your bed spawn once will be forgiven, but if this happens 3 times you will be removed from the event.


No Hacking

No Spawn Camping

No use of mods that give you an advantage over people who do not have that mod.(Optifine is allowed)

Listen to Roshi

Do not leave your spawn untill the event has started.

Do not hoard items.(You will keep your inventory upon death, so do not take all of the items as it will annoy your team mates.

No stealing supplys from chests in order to put your enemy team at an disadvantage.

if you are cought having somehow escaped the confinements of the pvp arena, you will receive a temp ban. This includes if you are cought in the pvp map once the event is finished.

Lord_Athos Yeah i will be using the old pvp Map. The systems are all set up (/warp control), and the area ahs been surrounded by ba ...
bsamsr18 a Still have flashbacks man, but won't be able to make it there anyways, roshi can understand the pain on his own. If you' ...

Hello everyone, I am proud to announce the newest and greatest feature of our server, Gold Membership! We have introduced Gold Membership as a way to pay for the rising costs of our server.

For only $2.99 a month you will gain access to special features not available to normal players!

Colonial Craft Gold Membership ensures you get the greatest experience when playing on our server. Gold Members have access to special features that normal players don't have such as; cannons, guns, kit bread (5 bread every 12 hours), and kit horse (2 horse eggs every 12 hours.)

Subscribe to our Montly Membership

Of course, April Fools!-Thanks to those who played along, and yes, we'll be adding AKs and other great features like M1 Garands in the starter kits.

In all seriousness though the lack of funding on the server is a problem. The dev team loves hosting and maintaining the server however most months we have to pay for the server out of our own pockets. Keeping this place up and running isn't the cheapest thing so I would like to reach out to everyone playing on the server and ask you, if you can and would be willing, to donate to Colonial Craft. All donations go to the server with extra funds going towards next months expenses. 

Donation Perks-

We realize that our donation perks aren't the greatest items in the world, however, if you truly care about this place and enjoy playing we hope that you will donate.

Now we do plan on reworking the reward system for donating in some form in the near future. All items will be purely cosmetic as to comply with the now enforced EULA. Those who donate before these changes are implemented will get them post-implementation as well.

One Last Note-Please do not make this a one time donation spree as we've had in the past. Having even $10 worth of donations each month really helps us out.

I would also like to thank Onir and Irishgirlyme for adding days to our forums. Once the donation system has been reworked both of you will receive donator ranks at the equivalent to how much was payed.

Thanks! ~Major_LAnc and the Colonial Craft Dev Team

Edit by Ham: to donate towards the actual server, the module on the left hand side of the website goes to the website only I'm afraid. I'm planning to rework the website a little when I get back to make this less confusing.

bsamsr18 a Vosk is obsessed with mosin, that is why.
NstyNte Why would you add a bolt action that isn't much more accurate then the full auto? At least go with a 7.62 nato if you mu ...
bsamsr18 a AK is already in config vosk, it's the mosin that needs adding.
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