I have talked to most of you in the Teamspeak, but for those who have stumbled upon this site or don't use the TS the Colonial-Craft project has ended. Due to a number of reasons, such as staff members being in college, a downhill trend in player population and a few more, I, decided to simply end the project rather than have it sputter out and be forgotten. This site now serves as an archive for an amazing but difficult to market project. All of the plugins for the now defunct project V3 can be found here(edit in link once Xlr uploads them). A replacement teamspeak IP will be distributed once our current one expires.

jlucaspope I'm sorry Vosk.
Qivr Been a good run. RIP Terrencia.
Crazychinchilla88 Dangit!, the day i remember the name of the server , they decide shutting it down. . . *solutes*