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TL:DR - I'm shutting down Colonialcraft

I'm just going to go ahead and do what I almost did around Easter, which is shut Colonialcraft down. There is basically nobody left who was part of the original server and premise, and I simply don't trust anyone left now to do the server justice.

I saw the early ideas regarding roshi's project, and I can safely say it isn't Colonialcraft. If something is brought to fruition, then I'm afraid it will have to be hosted under a new website and I recommend starting afresh under a new identity altogether. If he decides to "keep" the name Colonialcraft then I can't exactly stop him, however as the current "owner" I won't recognise it as such so any future servers acting under the name of Colonialcraft will be unofficial. The original Colonialcraft dies here.

If you want a more indepth explanation on why I'm shutting the place down as opposed to transferring ownership or other alternatives, then I'll probably go in a bit more depth in the comments/chatbox if you ask. The plans for the website are to basically let the "premium" version run out in less than a month, I'll probably put the website offline a few months afterwards.

In the meantime, good luck for future endeavours, it's been a good 3 years.

Scratchthatguys Oh. Well, it's been a while... not sure what I expected...

A New Era

Lord_Athos posted Jul 29, 16

ColonialCraft has been put on a whitelist so i can work on it.

The concept of Colonialcraft was great and fun. However its not something that capable of lasting very long. The same cycle always repeats itself, You build your house, you make your town, you get tools, and than what? And its even worse when you're not the town leader and dont know wether you are allowed to build something or not. So what do you do when nobody is online? When you've woken up in the morning to find that nobody is on?

''So what happens next, you mentioned this new 'era'?''

Yes. Colonial will be changed drasticly by the time im done with it. But dont expect it soon. I will not be rushed, i will not put something up for the sake of putting something, nor will i upload something i've scraped together in 1 week to make an individual stop whining, yes im looking at you grame.

''Will America still be there?''

Short answer is Yes.

''How hard will it be?''

Oh boy, am i going to have fun watching you all suffer.

''Will RP still be a thing?''


''What about my current buildings''

Some buildings which are deemed worthy will be transfered over, some wont be.

Some will be made to look like ruins, some wont be.

''What about all my materials?''

They're mine now.

''What about advertisement?''

Like i said, there won't be a rush. I plan on having not only an advertisement on every site, but a small trailer of somesorts maybe a month before its release.

Colonial Craft will be taking a whole new turn. Wether it will be temporary, to see how players react to it, or the next step for colonial is up to your reaction once the server is released.

Nothing is being rushed. infact im typing this up whilst watching an episode of Suits (Great show, recommend it).

So when you DO see some genuine news, expect it to come with a trailer, and an armada of advertisments. But for now, all you get is the new banner

(If the banner has a play button over it along with a white background- Its not something we can fix on our part).

Click me:Show me how to fix it!

Feel free to comment any questions you have, but keep in mind i wont be giving out any spoilers.

njbvic24 Have to agree suits is a good show just started watching it
Washwind Oh god. The Rats won. Summerbreach, I hardly knew ye

State of the Server

Major_LAnc posted Jul 8, 16

This announcment is long overdue but writing this will be better than I once thought.

As everyone knows the server has had a large decline of activity. This discouraged, me, Lord Athos, and the rest of the staff from working on the server. The feeling of defeat was strong and we started to neglect the server. However, unlike the past, there are still some people playing. We've decided to pull up our bootstraps and get back to work on the server for our small community. There will be a bit in this announcement about our changes and getting the server active again.

When we updated to 1.10 all the towny data was corrupted and had to be removed. Though, this to me is almost a blessing, as I've never liked towny and the gameplay it's brought to the server. Staff has already discussed this and we've decided it's time for towny to go. We will keep it on the server for spawn, but players can no longer start towns themselves. The server is now going to be semi-anarchy, griefing is still not ok, however, you can breakthrough a wall to gain access to a place, this includes houses. Stealing is allowed, so make sure you protect your chests.

We plan on increasing advertisements to bring new players in as well.

This is a time for suggestions folks, if you have any please let us know.

Lord_Athos Mods - never Voting - Probably give people money for voting (making money useful this time) Donation plan - can't r...
bsamsr18 a Gameplay decisions aside, if you're really going to take the revitalisation seriously, couple of points: Voting pl...
Gramefire VVV it's always been towny. this server is established enough. this doesnt need to happen

Updated to 1.10!

Major_LAnc posted Jun 28, 16

Colonial Craft is now on 1.10! As expected this fixed a lot of the problems that were in 1.9. Guns no longer have infinite ammo, cannons work flawlessly, and probably what most people have been waiting for, brewery is now working! 

Unfortunately we've had a major issue with towny data working with 1.10. Every backup simply doesn't want to work with 1.9, so we may just have to manually redo/reclaim all towns.

In other news we're still waiting on the overviewer to upload. Turns out 50GB takes longer than expected. The overviewer should be up by the end of the week though. 

Gramefire all towns are wiped

Hello everyone!

First, our first BOTM contest voting is now up, please vote here!

Now for some news on the server.

With 1.10 being released and a version for Spigot up as well, we plan to update to 1.10 as soon as we can. We just have to make sure all of our plugins work before we update. This update should hopefully fix some plugins like brewery as well. This week won't be as busy for most of staff so we hope to get this done this week.

A long requested map of the server will also be up soon, as I type this out the files are being uploaded and once they're ready a map like this will be available.

To keep activity on the server up we'll also be implementing some new events and changes to the server. First the amount of chunks that a town can claim will be doubled. This is so towns can keep things interesting by building new structures.

Second we'll be having barbarian raids on towns. Lord Athos has wanted to do this for a while and he'll make a post on how to participate in these events once everything is ready.

Thanks everyone! If you have any suggestions for the server please post them here. We'd love to hear some more feedback from the community.